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Hyuntak Oh

Hyuntak Oh

경기도, Goyanggyo


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As a former e-commerce entrepreneur and a venture capitalist, I was successful in creating a viable and profitable company from the ground up. During my experience as a small business owner, I gained unique and invaluable knowledge which will provide a diverse perspective to the team. I am confident that I would be a valuable asset to the team and my skills will be a great match for a variety of positions. From management to customer service roles, past experiences strengthened my people skills, especially confrontation de-escalation, and the ability to work under stress.



Republic of Korea Army, Ilsan, South Korea— Social Service Agent

July 2020 - Apr 2022

Served in the Republic of Korea Army as a social service agent to fulfill the mandatory military service. Stationed at the HOLT international Ilsan Center. Conducted rehabilitation programs for the disabled.

Hou Tech LLC, Online— LLC Operations Manager

Feb 2021-Present

Organized the initial startup of a tech broker venture company, Hou Tech LLC and managed the registration of the LLC with the government. Currently overseeing LLC’s annual tax reports and lead inquiry.

E-Commerce Entrepreneur, Houston TX, USA— Executive

March 2014 - April 2019

Designed a unique business model with exceptional profit margin. Managed a +5 full-time employee operation as an executive director. Secured products through oversea imports and local auctions. In-depth experience in E-commerce (B2B, B2C). Expert knowledge in Amazon and Ebay platform. Experienced in consumer market trends and valuation of products. Expert in customer service and management skills.

Government Lien Auctions, Texas, USA— Participant as bidder.

March 2014 - April 2019

Participated in government and private auctions as a purchaser. Excellent bidding skills in an auction setting. Participated in government real estate auctions and made successful purchases. Also made successful purchases in police auctions, auto insurance auctions, warehouse auctions, and retail liquidation auctions.


University of Houston, Houston TX, USA — B.S. in Biology, B.S. in Chemistry

Jan 2010 - May 2013

Dual majored in B.S. in Biology and B.S. in Chemistry. Attended 7 semesters and completed coursework. Incomplete degree

GPA: 2.711/ 4.0

Houston Community College, Houston TX, USA — B.S. in Chemistry

June 2009 - Dec 2009

Attended 2 semesters and completed coursework. Transferred to University of Houston prior to completion of the program. Incomplete degree.
GPA: 3.806/ 4.0

University of Texas, Austin TX, USA — B.S. in Chemistry Accepted into the School of Natural Science as a B.S. in Chemistry.

June 2007 - May 2009

Attended for 5 semesters and completed course work. Transferred to Houston Community College before completion of the program. Incomplete degree.

GPA: 1.577/ 4.0

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