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레스토랑 / 식품 서비스
seunguk kim

seunguk kim

chef kim
경기도, Gunpo


seunguk kim에 대해:

I am an active person and very good at prioritizing as well as getting things done on time. If I rate myself, I think that I am always positive and friendly person. If I work here, I will be a chef who makes best efforts in charge with such strengths.


Employment Experience

17/1/2020 ~ 13/9/2022 owner chef  

식사합시다 restaurant 


1/6/2018 ~  1/06/2019             chef

                                           Sofitel Darling Harbor

                                           Sydney  Australia 

                                           Duties :

                                           Restaurant  hot section and room service



April 2017 –  ​Full time chef

2/11/ 2017                           Hyatt Regency

                                           Sydney  Australia

                                           Duties :

                                             I did  all tasting menu for banquet

                                              I worked at hot section


August 2016 –

27/5/2018​​ Casual Chef

​​              Glenmore Hotel 

​​​Sydney, Australia 


Rotating between deep frying and pan sections. 


June 2015 –​​casual chef

January 2016​​Manly Grill 

​​​Manly, Sydney, Australia 


I work at grill section


March 2013 –​​Full time Chef

April 2015​​Novotel Gangnam hotel Bistro

​​​Gangnam, Korea 


Worked in the bistro, cold section, room service kitchen 

Completing mise en place duties

I worked midnight room service



April 2012 –​​Full time Chef

April 2013​​Ramada Seoul Hotel 

​​​Seoul, Korea 


Worked in banquet hot section ( oven ) 

Completing mise en place duties

Performing a range of basic cookery methods

Conducting kitchen operations observing hygiene and OHS practices 


Culinary Education


July 2016 - ​​Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Arts Institute Sydney, Australia

Oct 2018 ​​Advance diploma


March 2010 –​​Hosceo Cooking college, Seoul, Korea 

March 2012​​ Diploma of Cooking 


July 2009 –​Manshine University Taiwan 

​course of Chinese cooking

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