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지온 [uma] Ghartimagar

지온 [uma] Ghartimagar

Esl teacher
서울특별시, Seoul


지온 [uma] Ghartimagar에 대해:

Driven by self-motivation and self-discipline, I find joy in interacting with children. My philosophy revolves around the belief that learning should be enjoyable, fostering positivity rather than stress. Teaching is not just a profession but my passion, as I am deeply committed to creating engaging and enriching educational experiences. I thrive on continuous learning and am always eager to explore new things. 


For three years, I served as the Primary Head Teacher at Kathmandu Lincoln School, teaching overseeing academic and administrative functions. 


I hold a degree in social science and am TESOL certified. Recently, I completed two years of classes at Wall Street to enhance my skills. My educational background reflects my commitment to continuous learning and growth.

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